Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I got an idea from another blogger to use individualized coasters for each of my children to put their glass on every day. That way they always know which glass is theirs! So I crocheted a couple of those and I knitted a couple of dishcloths for a friend. All my sewing has been mending jeans- argh! I am hoping to get back to some quilting or other stuff next month. I am looking for fabrics in my stash to do the Craft Hope Project #9- cheerful handmade pillowcases for hospitalized children. If you want to join me, click on the craft hope button on the left hand side and check out the project! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fridge Magnet Tutorial

I have been leading a book study for the women’s group at church for the last nine weeks (based on the book “So Long Insecurity: You’ve been a bad friend to us” by Beth Moore). We have had a lot of fun and came up with a theme verse to remind us of our value as women (Proverbs 31:10b, 25 She is worth far more than rubies. She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come). I wanted there to be a lasting reminder of our value for the women in the study, so a sweet and creative friend and I decided to make fridge magnets with the verse on them. She makes jewelry, among many other beautiful things, so you can definitely see her influence! I had a request for the tutorial and since it was already written, I thought I would post it here. You could use any inspirational quote!

It was fairly inexpensive to make these magnets. You may already have the tools in your scrapbooking stash. 

Tools used: 
Inspirational Quote
mat and craft knife
scrapbook paper
paper adhesive (I used a spray)
heavy duty magnets
thumb tack or hole punch
beads that come with a wire ring (or buy beads and rings)
a sheet of foam core
jewelry pliers or needle nose pliers 

The most costly part was the charms, magnets, and beads, which we bought at Michael's. I spent maybe $25-30 to get enough to make 24, which is really not much. I bought two packages of each of the beads, magnets, and charms, so you could spend less to make fewer.

  1. Design your verse and flourish (think clip art) in a word processor or graphic editing program. You could use a business card template to make this easy! I inserted a clip art image and then flipped it upside down to make a top and bottom flourish.  Print your verse and flourish on scrapbook paper (I cut mine to 8 1/2 x 11 to fit the printer). Cut out each verse with mat and craft knife (or paper cutter)
  2. Cut foam core (sometimes found at the Dollar Tree for a dollar, or pretty inexpensively at Wal-Mart) with your mat and craft knife, to the same size as your paper and glue paper to foam core. I used spray adhesive to get a good seal around the outside edge. Definitely spray this outside!
  3. Punch a hole with the thumbtack or hole punch and open the wire ring that came with the bead. String the wire and bead/charm through the hole. Close the wire ring with the pliers.
  4. Glue two large magnets to the back to make it sturdy. Voila, you have a fridge magnet!

I would love to see links in the comments if you make a magnet and post it on your blog!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Sadly, I finished something yesterday, but didn't get the email off to make it count! :( But I did finish a project I have been working on for a while: a crochet tank for my daughter :)So I went from this wonderfully soft cotton/bamboo yarn:

To this:

I have been knitting a lot of dishcloths and have actually sold a few. But I am getting the quilting bug again. I just don't know what kind of project to start (or finish). I guess I have  "quilter's block" (which is like writer's block for quilters, not like a "quilt block" which I haven't made... ). I guess I need to browse some blogs and the internet to get inspired, right? Or maybe attend a quilt show or go to a fabric store. I think THAT is what has been missing. I am trying to use up my stash, but maybe I need a few "inspirational pieces"to help me along.


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