Thursday, November 4, 2010

November OPAM finish

Yes, I am posting my November finish now (way too early for me). The reason? We are going to be moving in the middle of the month. I figure if I got a finish in now, I have until late December for another one! That gives me a bit of time to get moved and settled. This one is a baby quilt for a friend. It's summer weight (again because we live in Florida) and I did a sort of wonky ripple effect quilting. I did NOT prewash this fabric (rare for me) and I kind of like the way it rippled even more after washing. Lately, every project seems to be an experiment! :)

Here are a couple of napkins made from leftover scrap fabric from the baby quilt. I like to use cloth napkins everyday, not just to be green, but because if feels elegant and celebratory :) I like these pink gingham ones. I have some yellow gingham napkins I made several years ago, so they kind of go together.


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