Friday, January 30, 2009


I have been working on scanning some family heritage photos and wanted to share a couple here. These are my Grandparents and my Great Grandmother. I need to start scrapping these photos now that I have them all scanned :)

His Holy Name Card

This is my title card for the His Holy Name Challenge at Faith Sisters.

Friday, January 23, 2009

for the His Holy Name Challenge

I am doing a 3x5 card box and filling it with the names of God. There isn't a lot of room for embellishments, so I am having to try to simplify!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Almost "Patternless" Easy Knit Bag Pattern

This is really an almost "patternless" pattern because it is so versatile. You can change the yarn & needles and make it any way you want. I made one quick & easy with two strands of worsted weight yarn and # 13 needles but you could use any yarn and needles, just change the number of stitches on rows 2 and 7 to make a larger or smaller bag. I adapted this from a dishcloth pattern. You may recognize it :) I will give the stitch numbers I used.

Cast on 4 .
Row 1: Knit 2, increase by yarn over, knit to end
Row 2: repeat row 1 until you have 26 stitches on needle
Row 3: knit 1, knit 2 together, yarn over , knit 2 together, knit to end of row
Row 4: repeat row 3 until you have 4 stitches on needle
Row 5 (handle) : knit across all stitches until handle is desired length- mine was 20 inches for a shoulder length strap
Row 6: Knit 2, increase by yarn over, knit to end
Row 7: repeat row 6 until you have 26 stitches on needle
Row 8: knit 1, knit 2 together, yarn over , knit 2 together, knit to end of row
Row 9: repeat row 3 until you have 4 stitches on needle
Bind off.

With right sides of bag together, making sure not to twist handle, sew together with a blunt yarn needle. I sewed up the bottom sides of the diamond shape and halfway up the top sides to make a little opening for my daughter's hands.

Here are some pictures I took in the process of making a mini bag for an American Girl (using size 10 needles and 16 stitches on rows 2 and 7). You can make these any size by changing the needles or number of stitches on rows 2 and 7. You could also do a seed stitch or alternate knit and purl rows for a different look. This would be great felted too!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Simple Challenge

Not only was this simple it was from the Simple Scrapbooks Studio blog. I love the simplicity and the ability to capture a moment. Here is my page for the challenge:

edited to add: I just found out that Simple Scrapbooks will be no more :( I am so sad.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Barn- A haiku

I was inspired to write this by a blog entry at poetry and hums. Thanks for the inspiration!

red and worn from time
it stands as a sentinel
protecting the farm

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January Challenge Project

This was a quick and easy one. So easy I almost feel guilty- but I may make up for it in a future project, so I will hold back on the guilt- LOL It was a partial project intended to be a bag, but i just didn't like how it turned out. I would have preferred larger seams so I could snip them for a more ragged look. But since I didn't want the panels to go to waste, I kept them. And lately I have been wanting a fabric bag for trash in my car, so... I finished it up without handles and viola! I have a handy trash can!

Monday, January 5, 2009


May Britt and Kris Meares have started a challenge to finish a project a month. I am going to play along and see if I can get some of my unfinished things to become finished items! Want to play along too? This one is my sewing challenge.

I am doing a scrapping challenge with Faith Sisters called His Holy Name to scrap the names of Jesus for the next year (every two weeks). Check it out if you are wanting a faithbooking challenge!
Here is my first try at something small (3x5 card). It was more difficult than I anticipated!

Friday, January 2, 2009

One Word Challenge from Ali Edwards

I loved having one word last year to be my "theme word" and spur me on to action and becoming more of who I am meant to be. Ali Edwards has a word she selects every year, and in the same fashion, I have selected "choose" to be my word. I want to make more conscious choices in my life. I want to choose family above business. I want to choose faith as my strength. I want to choose the best life has to offer. I want to choose joy and peace in my life and give it to others as well. I want to choose to serve. I want to choose. I just want to choose.

from Merriam-Webster Online:
Main Entry: choose

Function: verb

Etymology: Middle English chosen, from Old English cēosan; akin to Old High German kiosan to choose, Latin gustare to taste
Date: before 12th century
transitive verb
1 a: to select freely and after consideration <choose a career> b: to decide on especially by vote : elect
2 a
: to have a preference for b: decide <chose to go by train>

intransitive verb
: to make a selection choose
2: to take an alternative


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