Monday, April 25, 2011

Door Knocker Revamp Tutorial

When we moved to our current house, there was a personalized door knocker with the previous owner's name on it. So we measured and went to look for a door knocker to replace it. We looked high and at Lowe's. We looked at Home Depot and at every place online. We simply could not find a door knocker the right size and color (silver or steel or brushed nickel). We weren't picky, they just couldn't be found! So I decided to try a little experiment, at least until we find something that fits!

First I used my best and trusty friend, my Dremel, to make the previous owner's name disappear. I used the bit found above... the light tan colored stone bit. Don't ask me what that bit is called... maybe a grinder of some sort? My husband didn't like the look, but I told him the brushed metal finish is all over the Denver International Airport! It didn't work :( Oh well, now what?

So I decided that maybe it wouldn't look so bad if we added a painted monogram.
Here is how I did it!

I measured the area where I was going to put the monogram and printed out the letter "A" in a bunch of  different sizes and fonts. I chose one, and then cut it out with the exacto and mat. I cut all the pieces out and left them in place.

Then I sprayed the back of the paper (with all the pieces) with spray adhesive. Then I stuck the paper on the door knocker. I carefully removed the portion that was going to become the letter (the black part), leaving the white spaces in the letter.

This is my palette and brushes, and yes, I used the expensive Q-Tips! :) Actually, I used them to put down a "primer coat", which was just a test. Then I sprayed the monogram with the spray paint.

Once the paint was dry, I removed the paper. I noticed a few places where the paint bled a bit, so I used my trusty Q-Tips and a little nail polish remover to clean it up! After it was dry, I sprayed the oval part of the door knocker with the clear acrylic top coat. I don't know how it will last, but I'm hoping it will work for a while. It's not perfect, but at least it will give me a chance to find something!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011


A friend of mine is having a giveaway for an incredible piece of pottery! Check it out at I'm already imagining what I could do with this *dream*

Blogging, Creating, and Posting

Well, I have not posted in a LONG while. But here's the deal: I have been creating. I have made so many things. But now that I am not doing OPAM this year, I don't have to blog about it. And I haven't. But I want to. But I haven't. So you see how this goes!

Right now, my daughter and I are making tons of bracelets for this project with Craft Hope! I will share a photo when we get ready to mail our package!

In the meantime, just know I have made a bunch of knitted dishcloths! I made several sets of baby booties for expecting moms. I have mended 3000 pairs of jeans, or it may be 3 pair that feel like 3000! And I started crocheting these by modifying a pattern I found on Ravelry:

They are wonderfully soft face scrubbies made with cotton or cotton/bamboo yarn. My daughter loves them! I have bought some fabric recently and need to get sewing! I am hoping to post more often :)


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