Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blogging, Creating, and Posting

Well, I have not posted in a LONG while. But here's the deal: I have been creating. I have made so many things. But now that I am not doing OPAM this year, I don't have to blog about it. And I haven't. But I want to. But I haven't. So you see how this goes!

Right now, my daughter and I are making tons of bracelets for this project with Craft Hope! I will share a photo when we get ready to mail our package!

In the meantime, just know I have made a bunch of knitted dishcloths! I made several sets of baby booties for expecting moms. I have mended 3000 pairs of jeans, or it may be 3 pair that feel like 3000! And I started crocheting these by modifying a pattern I found on Ravelry:

They are wonderfully soft face scrubbies made with cotton or cotton/bamboo yarn. My daughter loves them! I have bought some fabric recently and need to get sewing! I am hoping to post more often :)

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