Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Word

I have posted in the past about Ali Edwards and her "one word" challenge. I first heard about the concept through her. I am now seeing this everywhere!
Instead of a New Year's Resolution, I choose one word to be my focus for the year. And the one word for 2011 is:

I am already working on projects in which I "simplify" in my kitchen. For example, I organized my "container" mess... and it's neat and tidy with bowls and matching lids. Imagine that! I never knew :) I am also doing a lot of decluttering and have 3 large boxes to go to the thrift store. And we have a new routine for groceries :) We have a freezer, so I hope to work on make ahead meals :) So far, I just have extra everyday food stored there.
I am going to "simplify" as much as possible this year. I don't have super lofty goals, but every month I will choose an area and spend a few days (or weeks if necessary) in "simplify"  mode. 


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