Thursday, November 13, 2008

Charles and the Pumpkin Patch

When I went to pick up the kids one day, there was Charles' teacher with a wagon and two rather large looking pumpkins. Little did I know, he had brought some of his own money on the fieldtrip to the pumpkin patch. The one was enormous and way too large to eat. The other was more medium sized and he wanted to give a real pumpkin pie a try. So we cleaned and baked and pureed and mixed and baked again. And we saw that it was good! Now there are several more bags of pumpkin in our freezer awaiting their turn. I mentioned pumpkin soup, but the kids said no to that one! LOL We did taste some plain cooked pumpkin with a little butter and brown sugar and that was deemed to be ok, so hopefully I won't have to make a bazillion pies!

Well, I sent my gift to my Secret Santa in the Honeypot Swap from Bee Sew Whimsical. I was excited to send the few little things that I had made. I am even more excited for her to get my package and for us to be able to contact each other and not be secret anymore. I have been lurking her blog LOL I feel soooo sneaky! I really hope she likes what I made. I sent a chocolate bar in the package, just in case :)


Avery Tales said...

You were two above me on the SITS roll call this morning. I have wanted to attempt a homemade pumpkin pie. Your kids have inspired me. Maybe I'll give it a whirl! Happy Monday!

Tammy said...

What a good momma you are! I know that was a fun experience for the kids. There are tons of recipes to try for Pumpkin puree. Have a look on the web to see what else might tickle their fancy.
I am glad you stopped by my blog. I m thankful for my blog friends.
Tammy ;D

mommaof4wife2r said...

choc always a good choice!!!!!!! thanks for ur kind words...


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