Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Blessings!

We are so blessed this Christmas. We have such wonderful friends and family! Last night we had a church dinner and I sat there amazed at what God has done in our lives in the last year. A year ago we had 20 people in this little church plant and now it has grown to close to 200. What an amazing ride it has been! We are blessed to have seen so many come to know Christ in a new way and to see change in people's lives. God is doing amazing things.

We received gifts of goodies from several people and an awesome card from our middle schoolers. The kids sang a few songs and then the high schoolers sang a few songs and we all closed with Silent Night. It was a wonderful evening for which I am so thankful. We are truly blessed.


Rebecca Jo said...

Nothing like celebrating the Birth of our Savior!!! And I have to say - being a youth leader - I'm impressed the Sr. High sang... ours would rather die of embarassement!!! :-)

The Acting Mom said...

I live in Central Florida too! Visiting from SITS.

Ronnica said...

That IS a wonderful blessing!


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