Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're on Vacation!

Just a note to say that we are on vacation until July 21st. We'll be on my parent's place in Kansas, soaking in the country air! I'm certain there will be tree climbing and wild animal sighting and more. I'm excited to be working on a quilt with my Mom! It's something I started for her ahem, years... ago... But we are finally going to get it finished, Yeah! Thanks to the One Project a Month challenge (see sidebar). I'll have to post a few photos when we get back.


Lady Di said...

Have a good time at your parent's place. By the way, I do a little quilting too. I say a little because I have about three unfinished projects and tubs of fabric that are yet to become projects. Maybe when the kids go to college I can quilt again.

Danielle Miller said...

That's so neat to have a quilt that you both worked on. You'll have to pass in down in your family as an heirloom.

Here from SITS.

Marina said...

Hope you had a good vacation...I want one soooon :>

Happy Sat Sharefest!

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