Friday, November 20, 2009

Free Crochet Webkinz/Stuffie Sweater Pattern

Here is a pattern for the crochet version of my easy stuffie sweater that makes a quick and easy gift :) Thank you for reading :) If you find any problems with the pattern, please let me know so that I can correct it, thanks! I'm working on the stocking ornament pattern too :)

Super Easy Crochet Webkinz/ Stuffie Sweater
Worsted weight yarn (two strands- can be the same or contrasting colors)
Size N and G  hook
With size N hook, chain 18 for a lil’ kinz and 22 for a regular size webkinz.
You may want to leave a 6-8 inch tail for stitching at the end.
Row 1: Sc in second chain from hook. Sc in each sc to end.
Rows 2-7 Sc in each sc.
Row 8: (for regular size webkinz, add 4 rows here): Sc in each sc.
Optional: you may add a few rows here to make it longer
Row 9- 13: At beginning of row, skip one sc (or any decrease) and then sc in each sc to last two, skip another sc (or any decrease) before last sc.
Row 14: Sc in each sc.
Row 15: Chain 14 with the size G hook and break off yarn, leaving a tail for finishing.

Sew sides together (first 8 rows).
For a different look, you may easily change the stitch pattern to all sc, ch, sc and have a lacier look, or use any pattern stitch.

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