Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa's Festive Honeypot Swap

Thanks Julie!

I received the most gorgeous ornament from Julie in the swap through Snickerdoodle Dreams! You can see her stitching is just beautiful! I adore it :) It came all wrapped in a pretty package and with a wonderful card too! Merry Christmas!

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Sarah said...

Oh those decorations are very pretty! And a big thank you to you for my wonderful parcel that arrived today!!

I love the ribbons and am trying to figure out a way to use them for Christmas - i just got it, for the serviettes! My goodness they are going to look smart.

Thank you also for the wonderful teatowel. How did you know I'd like that? And you are so sweet making me that wonderful stocking that I admired so much.

You are too kind. I do hope you and your family have a wonderfully happy Christmas xxx Sarah


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