Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Being more GREEN!

I used to use fabric napkins exclusively and then when I had kids I got away from that somewhat. Well, I am going back to using fabric napkins in an effort to be more "green". AND I just like the pretty fabrics and the feel of them as well. I think that using "art" or pretty things in everyday life makes people happy, or it should; so that is my other reasoning.

I do have to wonder what the impact of using more water and detergent makes on the environment and if the switch is really worth it from that standpoint. Myabe I need to switch to an organic biodegradable detergent at the same time. I also know that the trees used in paper production are replanted when they are harvested so they aren't truly being deforested in every sense. They still are able to clean and purify air and cool the area by their shade. They provide habitat for animals, but have an impact on the fauna in the area when they are cut down and reseeded. I need to do more research. There seem to be so many factors. What do you think?


singedwingangel said...

I think that something about linen napkins makes a dinner seem more homey.. I mean you get napkins when you eat out, napkins are pretty and make you feel important when you are at your home.. use them

Anonymous said...

I bought some for myself for Christmas and, um, they are in the laundry LOL. I figure that they actually are good for the environment, because I'd be running a load anyway, right?

I do have on my "list of things to do someday" research eco friendly detergent, or even maybe how to make my own, though.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I have always enjoyed using cloth napkins, but like you said, when the children came along it was paper, paper, paper. I am sorry to hear about your church. Did they find out what happened??

RebeccaMom said...

The police are getting closer to making an arrest and we are within 2 weeks of having everything cleaned up, repaired, and fully functioning. Thanks for asking :)


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