Wednesday, February 24, 2010

new family member

Here is a photo of our sweet darling new family member, Dakota. We got her, of all places, from Freecycle! She has a driving desire to please her humans and is just a sweetheart ♥ She is part Pointer and part Pit Bull (or should I say Staffordshire Terrier?). I just prefer the classic American term, Mutt. I think that mixed breeds are really the best anyway.
I am just so glad that we "found" her and that she has found us. The kids are ecstatic, since they have wanted a dog for such a long time. The kids have already discovered that she loves to chase the red sighting light from one of our Nerf guns and they are using it to teach her to close open cabinet doors. When she learns this trick (if?) I will post video.

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singedwingangel said...

Aww she is so pretty. I got a dog off Freecycle once what they failed to mention was she had bowel issues. A amjor surgery is all that would help her I had to put her down I was so heartbroken..why would someone do that to a family. OHH I was angry.. I am so gald she found a home with you..


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