Thursday, October 11, 2012

Healthy Snacking

This stuff is sooooo good!


We have been cutting the artificial out of our diet (I seem to be sensitive to some foods and/or atificial additives) and one of the toughest things is find prepared snacks that are real and all natural that actually taste good! I am a BzzAgent (check it out at, so I occasionally get to try new products for free. I was excited to try this all natural food, but a bit afraid it might taste a little like cardboard styrofoam (like some natural snack foods I have tried). I should NOT have been thinking about styrofoam. No, this stuff is REAL food and it's really good. I was sent three flavors of Smartfood Selects and the whole family loved every one of them. The cinnamon & brown sugar popcorn was amazing and a favorite of our family. My kids are asking for some now, LOL
You can learn more at

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