Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weekday Getaway

Charlie and I went for a "Weekday Getaway" (since it was a Monday and a Tuesday) the last two days to St Augustine, FL. It was wonderful. There was a ton of history to explore and shopping and food and everything you might imagine including a Key Lime Store (Key Lime Pie is just my favorite dessert)! We resolved to relax and come back to see everything there was to see! I will be posting pics soon, I have so many to weed through- you know, digital camera's and all :) Hopefully I will do that tomorrow after my work.

On another note, we are going to meet the kids' teachers in about 20 minutes and we are so excited (read I am excited!). No really, Mollie is excited too. Charles is not looking forward to school as much, but I think once it starts it will all work out fine :)

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