Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Morning at our house

This morning I was awakened by a sweet voice saying "Mom, it's 6:59" (alarm was set for 7). Then she went to get ready. Alarm chimed. Another sweet voice came to wake me and said "you are the best Mom I've ever had" - yes that is his sense of humor. Then I got a sweet nose kiss. What a wonderful morning. I sometimes wonder what I will do when these days are gone and there aren't any sweet little voices to rouse me and get my day started out right? It just makes me realize that I need to enjoy the NOW! I picked NOW as my word of the year (Ali Edwards, a scrapbooker and blogger inspired me to do this). I had kind of let the NOW thoughts dull with the passing of the months, but this has rekindled my desire to enjoy the NOW. I will cherish them NOW... such a precious morning today. Here is my LO celebrating NOW as my word of the year:

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