Monday, September 1, 2008


I have been doing a lot of knitting lately... webkinz clothes and dishcloths (similar to this one), mostly for relaxation and maybe for a gift or two. I have tried several patterns for webkinz sweaters, after looking all over the web! They were extremely difficult to find. I found several at knitting pattern central that were meant for dolls and/or beanie babies. They came out ok, but I keep going back to the extremely quick and easy one that I created. Mollie doesn't seem to mind all of the webkinz sweaters and experimentation, it just means that her webkinz are accruing quite a wardrobe! Now to make some for Christmas gifts... I only wish I could find a great craft for boys to knit/crochet/craft/create for gifts. I have so many nephews!

Beyond knitting/crafting, we have really just had the first week of school after closings from TS Fay, and now we have our eyes on Hurricane Hanna and TS Ike to see where they might be headed.

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