Saturday, March 28, 2009

Only a little creating going on around here!

We have a really busy weekend ahead of us. We have meetings and dinners scheduled pretty much all weekend. I haven't created much of anything lately... my sewing machine is picked up for our dinner party on Sunday. I'm excited for the get together, but I missed my machine these last 2 weeks that we have had people over. I needed the table for people to eat, instead of sewing! Here is a little welcome banner I made from scrapbook papers and a little hanger I bought at dollar tree. I just wanted something cheerful to welcome friends!


Renee said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

You have a lovely blog.


Wolf said...

really cute! one day, i hope to find my crafty side. i try...

Kristen said...

that is so adorable! I actually picked the same piece of wood, particle board (whatever it is!) up from the dollar tree too! I have yet to get to it which really saddens me :)

Your blog is adorable and I love your header!

amandajean said...

that's so sweet!


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