Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spirit Jump

If you want to help lift the spirits of someone with cancer, consider being a part of Spirit Jump. Just click the link and check it out! You can help out once or twice or as many times as you can. You can make something or just send a card to brighten someone's day. I love the concept and have signed up to be a part. Will you join me?


My New 30 said...

Good Morning! I'm Mary, popping over from SITS to say hello. I've been trying to make a practice of visiting the person who posts on roll call right ahead of me and today that was you!

Sounds like you've had company the past few weeks - as great as friends and family are to love, I'll bet you'll be happy to get your house back to yourself and to get back to sewing!!

I love SeaWorld. I went to Tampa in Oct. 07 for a paralegal conference and of course we made a vacation out of it to Disney World! It was my first time to go to Sea World and we really had a fun time. I'm so ready to go back to Orlando!! I'm such a Disney nut.

Have a great day!


Tricia said...

Hi Rebecca, you won the Diet Dew coupon over at my blog. Email me your address so I can get it in the mail to you. Thanks!


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