Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quilt and OPAM August

Ok, so I did finish a project for August OPAM, but it wasn't the quilt I was working on... Instead, I made two pillowcases for Craft Hope. The current project there is to make pillowcases for kids and teens with cancer, to give a bit of cheer to their hospital rooms.

As far as the quilt goes, I am not happy with it. I thought that because we live in Florida, I would make a "summer weight" quilt. So I chose a flannel for the back and went to work. I thought that because there was no batting, I could skip the walking foot. HAHAHA! I now have a lot of ripping to do. I don't know if it is my machine or the combination of the flannel with the muslin top, but I have small puckers- YUCK! In fact, I am debating whether to trash it completely and start over instead of all the ripping. :(  I am determined to make SOMETHING for my friend with a new baby, so we will just see what happens :)

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Rene' said...

Rebecca, it was great meeting you Thursday during our OMQG field trip! So glad you joined us. I'll get you that pillowcase pattern soon, although I don't think you need it ... I like your Craft Hope pillowcases ;-)


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