Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quilted Wall Hanging

I am submitting a quilted wall hanging as part of an art auction that is a fund raiser for North Brevard Charities, which does amazing work here in town! This is the first thing I have ever "submitted", so I feel kind of nervous and wonder if anyone will even be interested in this piece! I like it, and that should be enough, but suddenly there is the need for validation from someone else. I guess I feel pressured because if someone else DOESN'T like it, it won't raise money for the charity! This was a complete experiment with color and raw edge technique, along with some embellishments that I normally wouldn't have used.

Below I have pasted my artist statement, which is new for me too!
“Love is a Many Colored Thing”   Love has so many colors, forms, faces and textures. The various elements, colors, textures and shapes represent the forms of love. We love our friends and family. We love pizza or McDonald’s. We love because we desire love. We love because we can’t help ourselves. We love the blessed and prosperous and the disenfranchised and the hurting. We love those who love us, and those who do not. We were created for love. It is our divine purpose in life. The beaded wire represents our lifetime journey of love, the twists and turns of life and the people (beads) that we encounter and love along the way. The tulle represents the Spiritual realm and the love we find within it. This love is for and from our Creator and His Son (cross of Christ charm).

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Wall Quilt and Awesome Words! I hope people don't fight over your Love Quilt!:)


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