Monday, August 9, 2010

School and Organization

Now, I am not known for being organized. In fact, I have been known for my creative (read completely unorganized) side. I spent last year as a homeschool mom trying to have some semblance of order in our household. NO MORE! I am attempting to institute what can only be described as an orderly style of organization (can we say military?) when it comes to chores, school, and assignments. I have the almighty checklist (for Mon-Fri only- we can't take this too far, can we?) prepared and printed out. I have instructed the recruits (ahem, children) of their duties and responsibilities within said checklist. I have stressed that when the checklist is completed, all chaos will once again reign for that day only. I think we all get it!
And, yes, that is a very much younger me, in the Navy :)

I have a plan- yes me!!!! Here is hoping I can stick with it!

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Anonymous said...

When I homeschooled, I had to be tough like that. It's the only way to survive! If they'd only go along with it peacefully! Sigh!


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