Monday, June 15, 2009

fortune cookie life

Today is my birthday. It isn't a big deal, but I feel a little old, I just noticed a new "fine line" on my forehead :( My wonderful husband took me out to lunch for Chinese food and I got this fortune cookie: As soon as you feel too old to do a thing, do it. I don't usually say "I'm too old for that" and I'm pretty adventurous. This got me thinking, what do I think I am too old for and when should I do it! I don't usually find inspiration in fortune cookies, but this one has a point. If George Bush Sr. can skydive in his 80's, then I can do whatever I want too.

I have never been very celebratory when it comes to my birthday... and my husband ALWAYS (lovingly) asks "What do you want to do for your birthday?" I am racking my brain trying to come up with something... something other than going to the craft store and getting my eyebrows waxed (which I desperately need to do). Do I have a boring life, or am I too practical or what? I have until tomorrow, my husband's day off, to find something to "do" for my birthday... what to do... what do you "do" on your birthday?


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday!

Hmmm... I'd like a kid-free night for my birthday. Hubby and I can pick somewhere to eat without having to make sure the kids menu has items on it our kids will actually eat! ;)


Happy birthday! Hope you have a great one!!

I usually just enjoy going out to eat for my birthday. Maybe squeeze in a manicure or some shopping. :-) Enjoy!!

roadrunner201 said...

Well, happy birthday! What a fortune;-)

Penelope said...

Happy Birthday :)

I recently started noticing my first fine lines too. It was a shock!!

Janellybelly said...

Happy 'Extremely Belated' Birthday Rebecca. Wishing you much love and God's Blessings Always.
Janelle xx


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