Sunday, June 28, 2009

ride the rides

Here is a little peek at the kids on a ride at Sea World... it was a rainy day and we had short lines for the rides all afternoon!


Lins said...

Hooray for short lines at the fun rides! :)

Stopping by from SITS to say hey! Happy Tuesday!

teachmama said...

Good morning, RebeccaMom!!

You won the Summer Bridge workbooks from teachmama--

Kindly drop me an email at and send me your mailing address so I can pass it along to the PR person from Summer Bridge!

Woo-hoo!! Thanks for entering!!

RebeccaMom said...

Hurray me, I'm excited to get my Summer Bridge Workbooks...

Mama Nut said...

Hey, I found ya on SITS. You have a fun little blog here. I really admire people who can get so many projects done! Me... nope not good at that.

Have a great day!!!

Greetings from Guatemala said...

short lines are always nice!!


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